Morning Prayer

We pick up the experience of the previous day and invite the group to accept the darker parts of their story, recognising God’s desire to listen, to heal and to forgive.



We explain the meaning of reconciliation using some illustration which the young people can understand. We then offer them a personal experience of accepting responsibility for acting wrongly, saying ‘Sorry’ and hearing the forgiveness of God, sacramentally or otherwise. The mood begins to lift into a spirit of celebration and joy.


Afternoon Activity

This is an opportunity to relax with some outdoor activity.


The young people themselves prepare various parts of the Mass. The tone of the liturgy is light, full of joy and optimism, so that even (especially) those who are not regular churchgoers can be involved, without feeling embarrassed or ‘bored’.


The Celebration continues

After the celebration in chapel, we move to the Hall for the party with dancing, games and karaoke. The Night Prayer and Goodnight which follow help to stabilise the mood and draw the day to a close. 

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